Facebook and Instagram ads. Which one is better for e-commerce

Instagram where you can expect organic reach and Facebook where you can advertise to a wide range of age groups

Social media advertising is a powerful weapon for marketers with advanced targeting and reliable conversion tracking. If you have an account on both Facebook and Instagram, you can place ads on both sides for each campaign. However, if you have a limited advertising budget, you may be wondering which one to allocate your budget to. Sprout Social has released an analysis of the differences between Facebook and Instagram ads in e-commerce.

From a reach perspective, get 5k Instagram followers can expect more organic reach with new features such as hashtag follow. On the other hand, Facebook, which has the widest user base, is suitable for advertising with abundant options when you want to raise brand awareness for all age groups.

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The benefit of Instagram marketing is its high level of engagement

Many companies have entered Instagram because of their high level of engagement. According to a survey, 80% of users follow one or more companies. More than 120 million users visit corporate sites and contact them by phone or email. Facebook’s engagement is changing, but there are examples of high engagement using advertising. US e-commerce company FabFitFun earned a CTR (click-through rate) of 80% on Facebook ads.

Similarities and differences regarding Facebook and Instagram user base

A social media Research study reports that 31% of female users and 24% of male users use Instagram daily. It’s also most popular with the younger generation, 18-29 years old, with a whopping 55% of Internet users in this generation using Instagram. Like Instagram, Facebook has more female users than male users. It is also common that there are many generations aged 18-29. One of the characteristics of Facebook is that 79% of Internet users aged 30 to 49 use Facebook, and it is thought that Facebook can reach more generations.

Both Facebook and Instagram are great platforms, so it’s a good idea to plan your campaign for your goals. You also need to think carefully about your budget, as costs tend to increase depending on when and when you place your ad, such as during a highly competitive e-commerce sale.

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