Oncologists are known as the doctors who treat the malignancies and cancer

Surgical onco surgery is actually the branch of cosmetic surgery that deals with oncology; it mainly focuses on the treatment of tumors, specifically cancerous tumors. Oncologists are specialists in the field of oncology.

Onco Surgery


Oncologists are known as the doctors who treat the malignancies and cancer. These malignancies are usually referred to as neoplasms. There are three types of oncological cancers that these specialists specialize in Hodgkin’s disease, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.


Oncologists work on treating the patients with oncological surgery. Some of their specialization are in general surgery, gynecologic surgery, orthopedic surgery, etc. The most common types of surgery that they perform are chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery for tumors with cancer. They also perform surgical procedures to remove benign tumors that do not respond to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Surgery for benign tumors is also done by some oncologists.


Cancer is a major problem that many people face nowadays. The number of cancers are increasing day by day. It is a very hard task for oncologists to look after all the patients. There are several types of oncological treatments that these doctors use in treating cancer. Surgery is often used to remove cancerous tissue from the body; however, surgery for removal of only tumor is not good enough. The whole of the tumor should be removed from the patient in order to prevent recurrence of cancer.


Oncologists also perform other types of oncological therapies. These include chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy helps in slowing down the rate of cell reproduction of cancer cells. This also helps in reducing the chances of spreading of the cancer cells. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells by causing them to die, without affecting healthy cells; it can also stimulate the growth of new cells in the tumor. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used in combination to control the spread of the cancer cells.


Oncologists can perform more than one type of surgery at the same time. They are known to use different methods to deal with cancer; therefore, they are known to have a lot of expertise in the field of on oncology. It is up to you as to what kind of doctor you want for your treatment; if you decide to go for a specialist or not, it would really depend on your needs.


Many people today are looking for this kind of doctor because of the medical research that is conducted today. Research has proved that the treatments that are administered to cancer patients can sometimes have negative side effects. If you do not want to experience any negative side effects while undergoing oncology treatments, then you should go for an oncologist. They can give you a good chance of getting the best possible results.


It is up to you as to decide whether you want to go for a specialist or not; oncology is something that you should do as a last resort; you should not let it affect your own health or the success of your treatments. Remember that if you think that you need to go for oncology, it is best that you take good care of yourself by eating the right diet, exercising regularly, and using the right medications.

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