Top 3 Types of Best Collapsible Dog Crates

When looking for the best collapsible dog crates for your dog, there are several things to consider. There are many collapsible metal and collapsible plastic dog crates available on the market today. The collapsible plastic dog crate is a good choice if you don’t want to purchase a collapsible metal or collapsible aluminum crates. These collapsible plastic dog crates are great for traveling and when it comes to potty training your dog. If you are planning on purchasing one of these crates make sure that you are going to purchase the best ones on the market.

Collapsible Metal Dog Crates: There are collapsible metal crates that come in several sizes. The collapsible metal crates that are the best collapsible dog crates come in the standard 15″ sizes and some of them have a removable padded bottom panel. Apart from being portable, the collapsible metal crate comes with an adjustable side opening which is great for puppies who are potty trained. And, if you live in an apartment or condominium, this kind of crate would prove very beneficial as it saves on space as well.

Collapsible aluminum dog crates: This is another kind of collapsible crate that is loved by many pet parents. The collapsible aluminum crate comes in two different sizes; the smallest being the collapsible small dog crate. The collapsible aluminum crate comes with an adjustable top opening that offers a comfortable place for your puppy to sleep when in bed. The aluminum crate also features a sturdy steel frame that is guaranteed to last longer than the collapsible plastic crate.

Steel Frame Collapsible: For pet owners who want to go with a high-quality yet durable crate, steel frame collapsible crate is what they should look for. These are available in both standard and small sizes. They have an aluminum top with a high-quality metal frame and a sturdy steel bottom panel. When choosing a collapsible crate, these are great options as they are durable, resistant to any sort of stains and easy to clean.

Mesh Collapsible Dog Crates: These cages are another breed of collapsible crates. The mesh panels are placed over the wooden base or baseboard. These are good options as they offer the greatest ventilation and air circulation and do not allow moisture or air to get inside the crate. The mesh panels are usually removable, so you can clean the entire crate easily and without any hassle.

Plastic Boxes: Boxes are another collapsible crate type. Boxes offer a more secure holding and hold but they are not very airy. You can place several of these boxes side by side to make a bigger sized crate. Placing this on top of your own bed or sofa will be very comfortable for your dog. On the downside however, these are not sturdy enough and if they become too heavy, your dog might not be able to move about comfortably inside the crate.

Wire Mesh Crates: The next in line are wire mesh crates. These are the most popular as they are light, sturdy and flexible. The drawback though is that they tend to trap your dog’s feet if he stays in for a longer period of time. In addition, these are not good for dogs with special needs such as walkers. You may also encounter difficulties cleaning them if you don’t know how to properly wash them.

Metal Folding Dog Crates: Another type of collapsible crate is the double-door folding metal dog crate. This is the best choice for most people. These are available in different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your pet. The downside though is that these cages are not collapsible and are only good for holding two dogs at a time. So unless you plan on having more than two dogs inside the crate, you should invest in the best collapsible crate that you can afford. These can be easily found at most pet stores or from online retailers.

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